A downloadable shadow sneak game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Sneak and escape through the shadows.

Help Shadow Man move through the shadows to evade or kill guards, get the keys, and escape prison to torture those teenagers like the true slasher monster he is.

3 exciting levels to play!!!

Made Using

  • Godot 3.1
  • LMMS (Music)
  • Audacity (Sound Editing)
  • Inkscape (Art)
  • Paint.net  (Art)

Main game music and art created by myself.

Font from DaFont.com

Key pickup sound and blood squish sound are from freesound.org

Install instructions

For the Windows and Linux version, make sure the ".pck" file is in the same directory as the ".exe"/"x86_64" file so that the game will run.


Shadow Master v1.0 (Win) 16 MB
Shadow Master v1.0 (MAC) 18 MB
Shadow Master v1.0 (Linux) 18 MB

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