A downloadable debt payer for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Paid In Full is a 2D top-down survival/puzzle game. You play as David Johnson, a lottery winner that needs to pay off his debts before he is killed by the hitman hired by those he owes money. 

You will run, find your benefactors, and throw money at them to pay off those debts before getting killed. 

Made Using

  • Godot 3.1
  • Audacity (Sound Editing)
  • Inkscape (Art)
  • Paint.net  (Art)

Art created by myself.

Impact Prelude and Impact Moderato by Kevin MacLeod

gun shot sound, elevator sound, cash register sound, coin sound are from freesound.org

Dollar Bill Font from DaFont.com

Install instructions

For the Windows and Linux version, make sure the ".pck" file is in the same directory as the ".exe"/"x86_64" file so that the game will run.


Paid In Full v1.0.0 (Windows) 56 MB
Paid In Full v1.0.0 (Mac) 57 MB
Paid In Full v1.0.0 (Linux) 37 MB

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