A downloadable blood sucking for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Blood Feud is a 2D action/platformer game. You play as Ayesha Taylor a young journalist trying to get out of a mansion she was trapped in while researching a story. Ayesha is also trying to find out why she ended up there herself.

You will run, jump, hang upside down from walls, attack enemies, and drink blood to make your way out of the mansion one floor at a time.

Made Using

  • Godot 3.1
  • Audacity (Sound Editing)
  • Inkscape (Art)
  • Paint.net  (Art)

Art created by myself and my girlfriend.

Music used Adagio in Blue by DJ Spooky

gun shot soundcrunchhand bellsdripping sounddoor openingsword sounds, ouch sound, and hop sound  are from freesound.org

Fonts Used: Duplexide font and Merriweather Font

Install instructions

For the Windows and Linux version, make sure the ".pck" file is in the same directory as the ".exe"/"x86_64" file so that the game will run.


Blood Feud v1.0 (Windows) 72 MB
Blood Feud v1.0 (Linux x86_64) 73 MB
Blood Feud v1.0 (MAC) 74 MB

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