A downloadable beer for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Beer Run is a 2D top-down racing game. You play as a guy trying to get home after a night of heavy drinking with the boys.

You will shoot,  collect cash, collect guns, pay off police, upgrade your car, and dodge cars to make your way home.

Made Using

  • Godot 3.1
  • Audacity (Sound Editing)
  • Inkscape (Art)
  • Paint.net  (Art)

Art created by myself.

Ouroboros - Full Mix,  Early Riser, and Rollin at 5 - 210  by Kevin MacLeod

gun shot sound, car swerve/car crashcash register soundcoin sound, police siren, pistol cocking,  are from freesound.org

Fonts Used: Beer Goggles font, Beer font, and Merriweather Font

Install instructions

For the Windows and Linux version, make sure the ".pck" file is in the same directory as the ".exe"/"x86_64" file so that the game will run.


Beer Run v1.0 (WIN) 86 MB
Beer Run v1.0 (MAC) 88 MB
Beer_Run_v1_0_(Linux).zip 88 MB


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Controls are a little iffy at first, but I found myself getting used to them quite quickly and was even starting to have fun by the third level, Unfortunately, the third level was the last level. I think with enough visual polish you might be onto something BMJ.

Also, was the choice to have upgrading the max health of the car not set the car's health to the new max a conscious one?

Thanks so much for playing.

I think that was just a half-baked design choice. I just increased the variable for health, but forgot to reset the health value. I figured that the "Repair Car" function would have balanced it out.  Those last minute game jam decisions.